The Sustainability Centre at West Suffolk College is part of our Higher PLACE Programme part-funded by the European Social Fund. The Centre offers a range of courses for both students and professionals, and works with businesses to support them to implement sustainability throughout their operations.

Our goals

Our goal is to promote sustainable development across the region. As a college, we will work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), developed by the United Nations, and we will support you to embed these goals into your business model. You can explore them here: THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (un.org). We are also keen to promote and explore the potential of the circular economy within the businesses we engage with. To learn more about the circular economy and frame work, you can view this page by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is leading in the development and promotion of the 21st century economic model: What is a Circular Economy? | Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Our mission

Our Mission is to work collaboratively to adopt and speed up sustainability through:

Environmental & Social Sustainability

Education & Awareness

Engagement & Networking

Our values

Our values are based on the Triple bottom line model: People, Planet and Profit, with the key to accelerate action. For a brief overview you can watch this video here: Triple bottom line (3 pillars): sustainability in business – YouTube. We will approach this important topic with actioncollaboration, and inclusivity. We believe only by working together through this approach can we achieve meaningful change and impact.

To this end, we will work with local SMEs across East Anglia to adopt a sustainability approach within their business model, raising awareness, providing education, and offering support through resources and guidance. We will also work to create a network and work collaboratively with other organisations and the local councils.

The college will also work for its transformation towards sustainability: IEMA courses will be offered to staff and students, as well as local businesses. The college will also be looking at embedding sustainability into the curriculum of all courses offered, through workshops aimed at both students and teachers.

What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development is the development or evolution that meets the need of the present generations without sacrificing or compromising the needs of future generations. Tied into that is development without depleting natural resources of our environment. But it is much bigger than just the environment. Sustainable development includes stability and growth in economy, social justice and inclusion and the wealth of the environment.

Are you a SME that want's help in sustainable development for your business or organisation?

Are you a small- medium business or organisation based in Suffolk or Norfolk in New Anglia? Do you need some support in understanding what sustainability is and climate change and how your business plays an important role? Do you need support in implementing sustainable development and behavioural changes in the work place? Would you like to be apart of the Sustainability network, have the opportunity to create partnerships and be recognised for meaningful work?


As a business you could start by joining us at the Sustainability Centre by registering below, where we will provide you with resources, advise, tools and more to help you in achieving these important changes. You can join us by just receiving updates, just pledging, or joining as a member for support. Otherwise, you can do all three and this is a free fully funded programme. Additionally you will also have access to the network we are creating within sustainability.

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